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A series of articles for Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans (and other) square dancers.
(Established 8/6/03)

This site contains square dancing-related articles that I've written over the years. Some of these articles originally appeared in SquareUp! Magazine (which is, sadly, now defunct), the Gay Callers Association "Call Sheet" newsletter, and/or various IAGSDC club newsletters across North America.

All my new articles appear here first, both in draft and final versions.

Although much of this content here was originally written for the gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans square dance community ... you don't need to be G/L/B/T to read and/or enjoy these articles! Most of the content here applies to all square dancers.

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Triangle Latest News

6/8/12: The 2012 edition of An American's Guide To Gay Square Dancing In Vancouver now includes updated information on airport transfers, border crossings, newspapers, jazz concerts...and bath houses.

3/23/09: Welcome, new dancers! Considering going to Convention? The 2009 Edition (version 4.9) of The Guide To IAGSDC Convention is now available.

5/24/08: The 2008 Edition (version 3.8) of The Guide To IAGSDC Convention is now available.

4/6/07: The 2007 Edition (version 3.7) of A Guide To IAGSDC Convention is now available.

9/7/06: Performed a minor menu refresh today. I'm eventually going to convert all articles here to PDF files. If you want to see what this looks like, check out version 3.7 of A Guide To IAGSDC Convention ... I'm pretty pleased with the result.

6/9/06: The latest version (3.10) of A Guide To IAGSDC Convention is now available. This updated version adds pictures!

7/5/05: The 2005 Fun Badge Tour Script is now available. This is the full, (mostly) unexpurgated final version of the fun badge tour script from the "Star Thru The Silicon Galaxy" held in Santa Clara, California over 4th of July weekend, 2005. (For future Convention committees' convenience, the 2005 Fun Badge Tour Route Book is also available as a PDF file.)

1/22/05: My First CALLERLAB posted today. After posting the TrashDance article yesterday, I was inspired today to post another GCA Call Sheet article on what it was like to attend CALLERLAB.

1/21/05: Just posted TrashDance ("What A Feeling!") ... an article on what to do with six dancers, two trash cans, and one bored caller. More info available on the articles page

9/8/04: I'm currently working with Anne Uebelacker and Sandie Bryant on "The Twins' Guide To Staging Convention" ... which will feature everything a convention committee needs to know to avoid common disasters. More info available on the articles page

8/7/04: Huh. I managed to muddle right through the site's one year anniversary without noticing. Hmm...

6/26/04: New revision of A Guide To IAGSDC Convention posted. Did a bunch of updating on my personal information page again, including upping my calling and dance levels.

12/7/03: New "Work In Progress" section added! Check out Moving Up To Advanced & Challenge and Goofus & Gallant Take Up Calling.

12/7/03: Updated my personal information page to include information about my wedding to Randy Hensley on 11/29/03.

9/29/03: Updated the 2003 edition of An American's Guide To Gay Square Dancing In Vancouver to includes information on crossing the border by automobile.

8/11/03: I've inadvertently become the poster boy for El Camino Reelers. My picture was on the Page 1 of the 8/11/03 San Jose Mercury News's "Peninsula" section. The accompanying article by Julie Patel was quite good, although it was originally written several months previously. Unfortunately, it would cost too much to obtain online reprint rights to the photograph. :( The online version of the newspaper article can be found here, and the article's "If You're Interested..." sidebar can be found here.

8/11/03: Web-futz-itis sets in: Changed the the body text font from Times Roman to Arial for visual clarity. (Menu text remained Verdana, because it was more legible at small sizes than Arial.)

8/8/03: Added reprint information.

8/7/03: Want to find errors in documents, and revise them a million times? Post 'em on the Web. (Oy!) The semi "final" version (sans graphics) of A Guide To IAGSDC Convention is now available on the articles page.

8/6/03: Welcome to the online home for my square dancing articles!

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